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CT2, CT3 8-pin and 11-pin Timecube ® Type: CT2: 8 pole, CT3: 11 pole The CT2 or CT3 Timecube ® is an electronic timer that is inserted between the plug-in industrial relay and the socket. This combination is a modular complete time relay without additional space requirement. It offers up to three changeover contacts with a variety of signal contacts and power contacts.

CS1 11 pin plug-in time relay according to IEC 67-I-18a, 50 ms ... 60 minutes for wide band 12 ... 240 V operating voltage, internal or external potentiometer operation Type: CS1/UC 12-240V R Plug-in time relay 1 change over contact UC 12-240 V operating voltage 4 time functions, time ranges: 50 ms ... 60 min LED for output state indication Option for external fine adjustment time range potentiometer

CIM1, CIM1R (Railway) Time relay with mechanical changeover output contact 8 time functions + stepping function, ON-OFF switch, 50 ms ... 60 h, DIN Rail mounting according to DIN 43 880 Type: CIM1/UC24-240V Sophisticated multifunction time relay, 1 changeover power contact with zero crossing switching (50/60 Hz), 8 time functions, stepping function and service function ON/OFF, time ranges: 50 ms ... 60 h, multifunction LED state indicator, suitable for any time-control application and also staircase lighting, Light-switch neon lamp current absorption on input B1, Manual switching function for maintenance, emergency, etc., 16.6 Hz power supply applications. Railway version available.

CMD11-A/UC12V, CMD11-E/UC12V Monofunction Time Relay On delay (E) or Off delay (A), 0.5 s ... 60 minutes DIN Rail mounting according to DIN 43 880

Alarm is guaranteed in case of a power failure on site Free definition of the message texts Querying of the status of all inputs and outputs Messaging and remote control via SMS or Android App Safety through proven technology Remote access with

Reduces wear in the entire drive train through soft start-up Optimal starting torque through intelligent current control during start-up Protects the engine through integrated, adjustable motor protection with I2t-monitoring Minimises wiring effort and component costs: integrated bypass and motor protection Safe to use: comprehensive self-monitoring  

• Long lifetime due to double-break contacts • Switching of different voltages with adjacent contacts • Easily expandable by expansion module • Hum-free operation • Sample applications: light installations, heaters, motors, pumps, air conditioning, etc.

The CC series solid-state contactors are suitable for the contactless and nonwearing switching of ohmic and inductive AC loads at high switching frequency. They come with an operating voltage up to 600VAC and nominal current up to 50A with two and three phases. They come with control voltages of either 5–24 VDC or 24–230 VAC/VDC. • For frequent switching without contact bounce • No wear and tear and silent operation thanks to semiconductor technology • Non-hazardous switching of inductive loads • Reduction of switch-on current thanks to zero voltage switching • Clear LED status display • Integrated overload protection • DIN rack or screw assembly • Space-saving: standard module width from 22.5 to 90 mm • Integrated cooling element with optional thermal protector

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