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From 1.6 kN to 60 kN  Throat depth from 86 mm to 200 mm  Working height from 90 mm to 600 mm The SCHMIDT® Pneumatic Press range consists of a modular system suitable for transforming, joining and assembling operations optimally within the pressing capacities of 1.6 – 60 kN. With the addition of the SCHMIDT® PressContro 600and the optional process monitoring, these presses become EC type-approved, CE-conformed workstations. Therefore these press systems can be used in either single cycle mode or automatic mode.

From 1.6 kN to 22 kN  Throat depth from 65 mm to 200 mm Working height from 60 mm to 600 mm Efficient manufacturing requires appropriate means of production - not always automation. In particular, with small production runs, manual presses are often the most cost effective solutions.

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